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Waving in Headphones
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It’s no secret that telemarketing leads are cheaper than their alternatives – which means more opportunities for sales pros to close, and more opportunities for greener agents to present.

But because agents are often busy selling and servicing policies, figuring out how to even find a telemarketer – let alone how to train one – is usually beyond their skill-set. Plus, they also have to figure out all the technical requirements of telemarketing, like caller monitoring, CRMs, Sales Data and Dialer selection, etc.

Having your own team of telemarketers enables you to take control of your own lead generation, ridding yourself of middle-men lead vendors that chain you to the endless spiral of paying per-lead. The best part is that we take care of all the hiring, firing, and training for you – so you can focus on selling all the fresh, exclusive leads your callers will generate for you!

Are you in an industry outside of insurance, like real estate, water purification, or solar energy? Our callers can prospect for any product or service – so check out our process below for creating your very own custom calling campaign in any industry.

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