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  • We call clients Turning 65 1-5 month before the client is turning 65 . You are ordering 1x5 Seat Login Codes for a 35 Hour Call Week.
  • Order, login to your computer, using a simple internet browser and expect a Minumum of 6 Turning 65 Transfers daily (daily amount depends on the qualifications you choose for your campaign) during call times 9:30am-5:30pm Central expect a Minimum of 6 live T65 transfers. Our Telemarketing team will call you at the end of their call with the client, they will introduce the client to you, and during this 3 way call you will be personally introduced to your potential new client, It really is that simple. Depending on your talk time, you should expect to range from 6-10 Transfers daily. 

T65 Medicare Transfer Lead-5 Seat Minimum Per Campaign Week

SKU: T65
Price Options
One-time purchase
T65 Recurring
Seat Charge Is Recurring Weekly
$2,945.00every week until canceled
Subscribe for more than 1 week get 3% off each seat charge
$2,856.65every week until canceled
  • We Have a 5 Seat Minimum Per Weel Campaign, Please call or email for and exception. 

  • Please contact for price and availability

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