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  • We call clients 55 and above speaking with them about FE Life insurance then our agents will Warm transfer the client to you, introducing the client before the Marketer hangs up the call.
  • You are ordering 1 Telemarketer Calling 40 Hours In The Call Week.
  • Order, login to your computer, using a simple internet browser and expect from 5-7 Final ExpenseTransfers daily (daily amount depends on the qualifications you choose for your campaign) during call times 10:00am-5:00pm Central expect 6-10 live FE Life transfers. Our Telemarketing team will call you at the end of their call with the client, they will introduce the client to you, and during this 3 way call you will be personally introduced to your potential new client, It really is that simple

Final Expense Live Transfer

SKU: FE Live Transfer
Price Options
One-time purchase
T65 Recurring
Seat Charge Is Recurring Weekly
$589.00every week until canceled
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