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Every call day we get more T65 Transfers than agents to take, we now offer them at a per lead price. Typicaly these transfers were waiting in our Que to be transfered to the next Medicare Certified Speclist and for a minimum of 2 minutes before told " because of high call times we currently have no agents available to speak with you, would it be ok to setup a call back to speak with one of our Insurance Agents?  We now offer these through this site. These come with Name,Phone, Address, and Year and Month of Birth. They are not resold, these go out first come first serve. Please note Transfer leads are from our current campaign of currently 14 states. When ordering please select the state from the list of states listed. It may take upto 10 days to get your order filled, but  please note these will be fresh with most coming the same day they were called.


 You must choose a minimum of States.  



1-5 Day Old T65 Transfers

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