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Final Expense Immediate Warm Transfer Leads

Final Expence Next Day Callback Appointments

The Leads Station was formed by me Jack Lee Hinson in 2020 during the Covid lock down, why you ask? Because of Covid! Like everything else Covid had our agents stuck at home, and also, our agency was stuck in the past. Stuck in the past with old Technology like others, new current Technology we had but just did not use "its an agent thing"...This needed to be changed and so did the way we contacted and created our leads... 


The Leads Station began in early 2020 when I realized there had to be a better way to get affordable and exclusive insurance leads. As an independent agent, I tried all types of lead sources: live telemarketer, avatar, voicemail, internet, and more.

I discovered that the leads with the highest return on investment were live telemarketing leads. So I launched The Leads Station with a commitment to provide affordable, exclusive telemarketed insurance leads developed by real (human) sales professionals in a fully managed call center.

The Leads Station is operated all within my office: hiring, firing, training, and managing my team of remote telemarketers to consistently generate quality leads. This approach produces significant savings on operational costs, which I pass along to you, so you pay 50% – 70% less than if you hired an American-based call center.


Something about my background: I was a call center director for Dell Computer Corporation back in 2000-2005, I directed the first every Dell outsourced call center in Manila Philippians and have a very unique view and skill set in regards to call center manager and ownership, I have also been a Medicare and Final Expense agent since 2007, I know what it's like to create a compliant Lead into days marketplace. Throughout the years I have managed countless call centers with over 1000 appointment marketers setting "Next day" appointments for my teams (Medicare and Final Expense) from Next Day Medicare and FE in home appointments, to Warm Transfer calls for Medicare Supplement and or Final Expense and last but not least next day scheduled call backs.  So I know a little something about Telemarketing, Telesales, Sales (Medicare and FE) and Retention. Leads are getting so expensive and a good quality lead with support is very hard to find, I finally had enough and decided to take this knowledge to the next level and create The Leads Station. I have been in the sales field writing business and coaching new and senior agents since 2007 and know a little something of product and retention, and I can tell you I know what a good lead and a bad lead sound like. I also assist with coaching agents while they are in the field when needed and requested as a service to assist you the agent in getting the best out of your leads. You want into the Medicare Space? I can help you get there, with 14 years experience recruiting, managing and developing agents and agencies. With my Warm Transfers and Next Day Appointments you will be speaking with someone that truly needs your help, and speak with someone daily...If you need the extra support or if you are a veteran in the field and just need leads I can help.



Waving in Headphones

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to connect with customers via our Dialing System and no software to download or purchase. You log in your computer and with your headset and high speed internet your clients are transferred to you via one of our call center experts. You will spend less time troubleshooting and more time making sales

Call Center

We understand Health and Medicare Supplement Insurance brokers and carriers need quality leads and Dedicated Support,

join us and a community of agents across the country. We work hard for you so that you can work hard for customers.

Call Center Employee

All Calls Are Recorded

We record all calls with in our dialer system, you the client may request a recording of your calls within 5 business day of the initial call


Medicare Supplement Review Marketing

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Every year seniors get a rate increase from their Medicare Supplement company – sometimes twice a year. Seniors living on fixed incomes simply cannot afford these crippling rate increases. Fortunately, they have access to standardized Medigap plans that can help save money without changing their benefits.

This presents an opportunity for Medicare Supplement agents to educate seniors on how Medicare works and compare the differences between popular plans like F, G and N to help seniors save money on their monthly Medigap bill.

But before you can educate seniors about Medicare and help them select the right plan, you first have to get in front of them – which requires a reliable lead source.


Turning 65 Medicare Warm Transfer
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We all know the stats, every day over 10,000 people in the US are turning 65 and in need to speak with an agent about their Medicare Health Care Options. We call 1-6 months from their 65th birthday, this is a guaranteed event.

Requirements to be in the T65 program:

  • Must be licensed in a Min of 10 states, our list rotates monthly, we dial 4 states per session.

  • Must be able to be at your computer to take transferred calls per 5 days for the ordered week.

  • Use a compliant script while speaking with the transferred clients.

Quality Control


After a Med Supp lead is generated and transferred to the agent, the call recording is sent to management for review. Agents only receive prospects who have requested more info, so you can focus on following up with genuine lead opportunities


Scrubbed Sales Data

To keep lead prices low, we use a state-of-the-art CRM with a built-in multi-line predictive dialing system ViciDial for maximum efficiency. We make sure data is scrubbed and TCPA compliant before contacts are loaded into this system.

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Medicare Warm Transfers, Final Expense Next Day Appointments


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